Metrotile Roof Tiles & Accessories

Metrotile Roof Tiles & Accessories

The roof is a symbol of security and shelter for both domestic and commercial roofing. Whether it’s protecting your home and family, keeping the indoor courts of a leisure centre dry or keeping you sheltered while waiting for the bus, the roof is the most significant part of any building.

Metrotile is the leading brand of lightweight steel roofing, providing a durable solution to all of your roofing needs from small conservatories to large-scale new build projects.

  • Lightweight and easy to manoeuvre.
  • Improved insulation to the residential or commercial premises.
  • Rigorously tested to withstand harsh weather conditions and vandalism.
  • Highest possible external fire resistance rating.
  • 40 Year weatherproof guarantee.
  • Stunning aesthetics.

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Metrotile Shingle Tile

A versatile profile with the appearance of a small riven slate-based on the classic North American t..


Metrotile 2 Piece Barge

Suitable for: Closing the edges of a Metrotile Shingle roofCompatible with Shingle profiles only an..


Metrotile Delta Ridge Tile

Suitable for: Metrotile roofing projectsFor sealing the top courses of tiles. For projects with a d..


Metrotile Eaves over Fascia Tray

Suitable for:Our eaves over fascia vents are manufactured to the highest quality and standards..


Metrotile Fascia Tray

Suitable for: Keeps ventilation paths clear - compatible with all Metrotile roofing profiles The e..


Metrotile Hip Vent Strip

Suitable for: Enables ventilation on installations using all Metrotile profile typesHip Vent Strips..


Metrotile Touch Up Kit

Suitable for: All Metrotile profiles and coloursThe Touch-up kit enables you to repair minor damage..


Metrotile Veranda 5 Way Junction

Suitable for: For joining the ridge or hip junction on a Metrotile conservatory roofThis Y junction..


Metrotile Veranda Hip End Cap

Suitable for: Sealing ridge ends on a conservatory roofPart of the conservatory Veranda range, this..


Metrotile Veranda Ridge Cap

Suitable for: Sealing ridge ends on a conservatory roofThis ridge cap is part of the Veranda range,..


Metrotile Veranda Y Junction

Suitable for: Joining a conservatory roof at a ridge or hip junctionThis Y junction is part of the ..