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Alukap 55mm Rafter Gasket Slot Fit 1m

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£4.20 Exc. VAT

55mm Rafter Gasket Slot Fit 1m
Alukap 55mm Rafter Gasket Slot Fit 1m

£4.20 Exc. VAT

Alukap 55mm Rafter Gasket Slot Fit 1m

The Alukap-XR Gaskets perfectly fit into the Alukap-XR Bars providing an air tight seal with the glazing sheet to prevent leakage.

The glazing system is designed for high quality roof glazing.

All components on the range are aluminium powder coated finish for maximum longevity.

The system includes hidden fixing design features and options for gable, wall, hip and ridge glazing scenarios.

Don’t forget to take a look at our extensive range of glazing bars and accessories.


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