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Roller Blind

Available in 7 sizes in blue or beige

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Roller Blind Beige
Roller Blind

ROLLER BLIND (RHR) – Multifit.

Roller Blinds have been designed to offer a softly diffused light effect and is made out of translucent polyester fabric construction for lasting durability.

As these blinds diffuse natural daylight, they are capable of offering a satisfying ambience for the room.

Manufactured with a robust roller mechanism, you can rest assured that operation will remain consistent over time.

They can be easily positioned at 3 different positions in the roof windows and are available in either dark blue or beige.

The blind has a small plastic tab located at the bottom of the blind that you used to adjust the position, offering varying levels of diffused light.

These blinds are compatible with RoofLITE+, Velux (also the New Generation), Fakro, Optillight, Keylite, Starlite and Dakstra roof windows.

When purchasing the blinds, you need to ensure that the size matches the roof window.

For example, if you purchase or have a 550 x 780 mm roof window, you will need to purchase the 550 x 780 mm blinds.

If you would like to take a look at other blinds compatible for the RoofLITE+ roof windows, click here.

Our range of compatible roof windows can be viewed by clicking here.

Available in:

  • 4312 – Blue
  • 4319 – Beige.



Blue, Beige


550mm x 780mm, 550mm x 980mm, 780mm x 980mm, 660mm x 1180mm, 780mm x 1180mm, 1140mm x 1180mm, 780mm x 1400mm


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