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RoofLITE SFX Slate Flashing – 660 x 1180mm

Once it’s gone, it’s GONE!

£35.00 Exc. VAT

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RoofLITE Slate Flashing SFX
RoofLITE SFX Slate Flashing – 660 x 1180mm

£35.00 Exc. VAT

RoofLITE SFX Slate Flashing – 660 x 1180mm

The RoofLITE SFX Slate Flashing is compatible with slates roofs that have a profile thickness of up to 8mm.

Flashing kits have been designed to function as a weatherproofing surround for the roof windows, ensuring no exposure to the external elements.

Available in 660 x 1180mm, the SFX is an indispensable and important part of the roof window installation ensuring a weathertight seal.

The SFX is made from aluminium and comes in the same grey (RAL7043) colour as the cladding parts of the RoofLITE roof windows.

When using the SFX for the installation of your roof window, you will benefit from a seamless overall finish, offering a beautiful look inside and out.

The aluminium apron provides a perfect seal between the roof window and the profiled roofing materials, preventing leaks in your home from around your roof window.

This flashing kit has individual soakers as opposed to the LSX Slate Flashing, which has a one piece side element.

The SFX has been extensively tested for complete water tightness under the most rigorous conditions and is all-weather and UV resistant to offer real peace of mind.

It is easy to install, comes with a 10-year guarantee and can be installed in a roof with a slope of between 15 to 90 degrees.

Please note that this flashing is acceptable in respect of the 10 year manufacturers guarantee on RoofLITE roof windows.

This particular flashing kit has limited stock available and it is unlikely we will have more stock of these in the future. Once it’s gone, IT’S GONE!


  • suitable for a roof pitch range of 15- 90°
  • slate profile height 0-16 mm (2x8mm)
  • perfect water tightness
  • easy to install
  • weather and UV ray resistant
  • 10 year manufactures guarantee
  • lead-free
  • grey RAL7043
  • The box contains all relevant elements and window cladding

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