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RoofLITE+ SOLID WHITE Roof Window Bundle – Roof Window, Slate Flashing & Pole

Available in 7 sizes

From: £210.00 Exc. VAT

RoofLITE+ SOLID WHITE Roof Window Bundle – Roof Window, Slate Flashing & Pole

RoofLITE+ SOLID WHITE Roof Window Bundles allow you to purchase a roof window, flashing kit and a pole in just a few simple clicks.

Available in a variety of sizes, this  bundle offers a RoofLITE+ SOLID WHITE, a RoofLITE+ LSX Slate Flashing and a Satin Chrome Telescopic Opening Pole.

Purchasing a window bundle will save you time whilst benefitting from the amazing prices you come to expect with the RoofLITE+ range.

The SOLID WHITE is a centre pivot window where the hinges are mounted at half window height, allowing for easy use and operation.

This window is manufactured from sustainably sourced pinewood and has undergone an impregnation process during production.

This process ensures that these windows remain durable and robust over many years.

Manufactured with a wide reinforced frame, the SOLID WHITE also has a fashionable and contemporary white painted finish.

The wide frame guarantees high insulation parameters and resistance to the most adverse weather conditions.

The white painted internal finish ensures a great addition to a contemporary style home.

The SOLID WHITE window consists of a double glazed sash with two low-emission coatings that prevent heat loss in winter.

Boasting a u-value of 1.3 W/m2K, this roof window is one the greatest performing in the market with regards to thermal efficiency.

A toughened external pane makes this roof window ready to face the toughest conditions.

A handle is mounted at the base of the sash and has two ventilation positions, allowing ventilation without ever having to open your window.

This window bundle combines the SOLID WHITE window with a LSX Slate Flashing, which offers a 10 year guarantee.

The LSX Slate Flashing is compatible with all slates with profile thicknesses up to 8 mm and allows installation into roof pitches between 15 and 90 degrees.

In this window bundle is a Satin Chrome Telescopic Opening Pole, which allows you to operate your SOLID WHITE window if it is installed out of reach.

Benefits & Features:

Roof Window:

  • Glazing Construction – 4-16-4H
  • 24mm Glazing Thickness
  • Low E Coating
  • Argon Gas Cavities
  • Toughened External Pane
  • Glass U-Value of 1.0 W/m2K
  • Overall U-Value of 1.3 W/m2K
  • Total Solar Energy Transmittance of 0.55
  • E1350 Water Tightness
  • Class 4 Air Permeability
  • Class C4 Resistance to Wind Load
  • Sound Reduction of 32 (-1;-5) dB
  • Modern White Painted Finish
  • Available in 7 Sizes


  • suitable for a roof pitch range of 15- 90°
  • up to 15 min. faster installation in comparison with flashing with side elements with multiple segments
  • slate profile height 0-16 mm (2x8mm)
  • perfect water tightness
  • easy installation
  • without apron to ensure a perfect seal with flat roofing materials
  • weather and UV ray resistant
  • lead-free
  • grey RAL7043

For technical information regarding the SOLID WHITE, click here and if you require installation instructions, you will find them here.

When installing a window using an LSX Flashing, there a few helpful tips that will aid installation.


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