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VELUX EDJ Recessed Tile Flashing

Available in 10 sizes

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VELUX EDJ Recessed Tile Flashing

VELUX EDJ Recessed Tile Flashing

The EDJ Recessed Tile Flashing is used for the installation of VELUX roof windows into tiles with a profile thickness of up to 90 mm.

Flashing kits are an integral component in roof window installation as it ensures a weathertight connection around your roof window.

All flashing kits have been designed to match the external finish of the roof window (grey RAL7043), which offers a seamless external finish.

The EDJ flashing is suitable for roof pitches between 20-90° and tiles with a profile thickness up to 90mm.

Recessed flashings are beneficial when the end used prefers their roof window to have less protrusion.

Each flashing kit has been carefully designed to ensure that water drains from your roof as it would prior to roof window installation.

The flashing kit sits under the roofing material and collect water in the built-in guttering system.

The gutter overlaps an additional section of the flashing kit, which allows the water to flow down the side of the window.

The apron located at the bottom of the roof window when installed, moulds around the roof material.

The EDJ flashing is available to suit all standard size roof windows, but are available to suit non-standard sizes if required.


  • suitable for a roof pitch range of 20- 90°
  • tile profile height 0-90mm
  • perfect water tightness
  • easy installation
  • weather and UV ray resistant
  • lead-free
  • grey RAL7043



550mm x 780mm (CK02), 550mm x 980mm (CK04), 550mm x 1180mm (CK06), 660mm x 1180mm (FK06), 780mm x 980mm (MK04), 780mm x 1180mm (MK06), 780mm x 1400mm (MK08), 940mm x 1400mm (PK08), 1140mm x 1180mm (SK06), 1340mm x 980mm (UK04)


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