Frequently Asked Questions

The wood has been impregnated in order to minimize the risk of fungus, then varnished with a water-based lacquer to improve its appearance and create a more fungus-resistant surface. We highly recommend applying an additional water-based lacquer layer following installation.

We recommend that you re-lacquer the wood annually. However, the need for re-lacquering depends on the humidity of the room.

You can clean the outside of the window by rotating the sash through 165 degrees, which gives you easy access to the outside pane. You should be sure to periodically clear leaves away from the flashing to ensure a free flow of rainwater around the window.

We recommend that you lubricate the hinges from time to time, in order to ensure a smooth rotation of your window.

Hot soapy water is good for surface cleaning. Please note, however, that frequent cleaning may increase the need for re-lacquering of the wood.

Simply open the window and brush off the snow. We also recommend that you install a heating element directly under the window to ensure not only that snow slides off more easily, but also that the risk of condensation on the window interior is minimized. We also highly recommend that you install snow guards externally above the window to avoid damage to the roof window under heavy snow loads.

You can use any type of water-based lacquer available on the market. Ensure that lacquer is applied evenly.