Style & Strength Combined With Tie Wires

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Available to suit various conservatory styles, sizes and systems.

  • Unobtrusive Design

  • Easy To Install

  • CE Marked

  • Unmatched Strength

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Tie Wires are manufactured with a thin 6mm adjustable stainless steel cable that runs across the roof unbroken and uninterrupted.

One of the huge benefits is the unbroken and uninterrupted design, which allows you to keep your modern and contemporary aesthetic, whilst it maintains strength to carry out its important job.

The technology is not new as it has been used for years as structural support in Architectural Building Design as well as rigging on yachts and ships, but they have recently been incorporated for use with conservatory roofs.

The Tie Wire acts as a solid alternative to the tie bar kits, both manufactured for the same purpose; to prevent deflections within your conservatory roof.

Conservatory roofs have to cater for what is known as Dead Load, which is the self weight of the roof itself and the glazing material.

Whilst there are various different conservatory styles and configurations that behave in different ways under load, when deflections exceed an acceptable level, its is often recommended to redesign the roof or brace the structure with either a tie bar or tie wire.

There are two different types available:

  • MK1 – The stainless steel wire spans between two visible brackets located at either side of the conservatory roof and is tensioned at one end using a turnbuckle mechanism. This allows the tie wire to span across the roof without the need for any vertical support (commonly associated with tie bar kits) that would otherwise interfere with ceiling fans and lights.
  • MK2 – Offering the same benefits as the MK1 Tie Wire, the rafter brackets are hidden within the structure of the roof itself, with only the wire visible. It emerges from the deep insulated plasterboard or from an internal bulk head.

The Tie Wire is CE Marked as per the Construction Products Regulation 2011 which came into effect in the UK on July 1st 2013.

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