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RoofLITE+ Pine Roof Window - SLIM VENT

RoofLITE+ Roof Windows

Recognised formerly as RoofLITE, the RoofLITE+ roof windows have been redesigned and manufactured with even greater benefits and features that you come to expect with the well-known roof window brand.

The most beneficial upgrade is the enhancement of the glass within the roof window. This particular upgrade has seen improvements in thermal efficiency, solar transmittance and noise reduction, which all contributes to better value for money.

Within the range, you will find various roof windows available in a number of finishes such as pine for traditional designs, white painted for modern, contemporary designs and PVC for areas of high humidity such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Also available is the option for centre pivot and high pivot mechanism, each with its own benefit. Centre pivot roof windows are the standard design, which have been primarily manufactured for optimal light and fresh air, whilst the high pivot roof windows have been designed with means of escape in mind.

You have the option of various roof window sizes starting from 550 x 780mm all the way up to 1140 x 1180mm, ensuring that we have the right size for your project. You will also benefit from real peace of mind with the 10 year guarantee supplied with each RoofLITE+ roof window when installed with a genuine RoofLITE+ flashing.