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60mm x 1.5mm Gutter Sealing Tape

Available in 60mm width.

£38.00 Exc. VAT

Gutter Sealing Tape
60mm x 1.5mm Gutter Sealing Tape

£38.00 Exc. VAT

60mm x 1.5mm Gutter Sealing Tape

60mm x 1.5mm gutter sealing tape foilband is a butyl tape laminated with a fixed foil backing.

Product Uses:

  • For use as a flashing tape, for example in conservatory construction
  • For over-sealing or repair of joints in gutters and downpipes
  • For sealing over T-bars in glazing and conservatories
  • For temporary remedial work such as sealing of leaking components

Product Advantages:

  • Good adhesion to a wide range of substrates
  • Good UV resistance
  • The product is highly conformable
  • Remains flexible throughout its service life
  • Easy and accurate to use with little waste and no mess
  • The foil has excellent tear and puncture resistance

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