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Metrotile Eaves over Fascia Tray

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£4.75 Exc. VAT

Metrotile Eaves over Fascia Tray
Metrotile Eaves over Fascia Tray

£4.75 Exc. VAT

Metrotile Eaves over Fascia Tray

Suitable for: Keeps ventilation paths clear – compatible with all Metrotile profiles and lightweight roof systems.

Our eaves over fascia vents are manufactured to the highest quality and standards.

These specialist vents provide eaves ventilation which is a modern and more efficient way to ventilate your roof space.

This form of ventilation allows air to circulate and then prevents damp.

You can view our extensive Metrotile product range by clicking here.

Key points:

  • Enables ventilation of a Metrotile roof space
  • Prevents damp
  • Manufactured to the highest standards
  • The vents have the following dimensions: 10mm to 25mm Overall Length 1m


  • estimated delivery 2-3 days

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