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VELUX GPU 0070 White PU Top Hung Roof Window

9 sizes available

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Velux Top Hung Polyurathane Roof Window
VELUX GPU 0070 White PU Top Hung Roof Window

VELUX White PU Top Hung Roof Window

Please Note: Due to the extended lead times currently in place for VELUX products, we advise taking a look at our alternative RoofLITE+ roof windows.

The VELUX top hung roof windows are beneficial for those who would like undisturbed views of their sightline.

This is achieved with the hinges located at the top of the roof window as opposed to the centre-pivot mechanism.

The 70 pane glazing comes with a laminated inner pane for safety and makes it ideal for above head height installations.

Each of these roof windows have an elegant handle located at the bottom which allows for simple operation whenever needed.

The white PU roof windows consist of a wooden core encased in moisture-resistant white polyurethane; the first choice for humid rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms.

They are maintenance-free, which is ideal for out-of-reach areas, and their special, heat-treated timber core delivers improved insulation.

If an object was to hit the window with force, the glazing would hold in place, much like a car windscreen, until you’re able to get it fixed.

Every size listed apart from 55 x 98 cm can be used as a means of escape in the event of an emergency, allowing you safe escape at the time you need it most.

Each VELUX top hung roof window can be converted to a centre-pivot roof window, which allows easy cleaning on the external pane, due to the 180 degree rotation.

Don’t forget to take a look at the new INTEGRA top hung roof window for effortless panoramic views.

You can view our extensive range of VELUX flashings by clicking here.


  • Elegant design and vintage finish
  • Laminated inner safety pane and toughened outer pane
  • Easy to operate
  • Provides better views of your surroundings
  • Add natural light and ventilation to your property
  • Bright white PU finish for low maintenance
  • Anti-fungal treatment ensures longevity of wood finish
  • Lower maintenance than pine finish roof windows

We also have extensive technical data sheets & installation instructions which can help you with the fitting process.



550mm x 980mm (CK04), 550mm x 1180mm (CK06), 660mm x 1180mm (FK06), 780mm x 980mm (MK04), 780mm x 1180mm (MK06), 780mm x 1400mm (MK08), 940mm x 1400mm (PK08), 1140mm x 1180mm (SK06), 940mm x 1600mm (PK10)


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