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How Much Do Korniche Roof Lanterns Weigh?

Korniche roof lantern

How Much Do Korniche Roof Lanterns Weigh?

A question we are commonly asked is ‘how much do Korniche roof lanterns weigh?’ and in the grand scheme of things, it is information that is worth knowing.

It could be that you would like to know whether you can take the delivery yourself or if you need assistance. You might want to check whether you can build the lantern away from the upstand and simply place it on top. Either way, knowing the weight of your Korniche lantern can be really useful.

Here we have a table that displays the weight of our standard sized lanterns.

*4 Pane Configuration

** 6 Pane Configuration

Length 1000mm 1500mm 2000mm 2500mm
1000mm* 44KG N/A N/A N/A
1500mm* 60KG 82KG N/A N/A
2000mm* 76KG 103KG 130KG N/A
2500mm* 100KG 124KG 157KG 190KG
3000mm* 107KG 145KG 183KG 222KG
3500mm** 125KG 170KG 215KG 260KG
4000mm** 141KG 191KG 242KG 292KG


Size Weight
850 x 850mm* 20KG
900 x 1200mm* 25KG

The Korniche roof lanterns are considered one of the highest quality in the market. Fast installation in under 30 minutes. Budget friendly prices so you can save money and a stunning design, both internally and externally that allows you to produce a stunning centrepiece in your home.

We can also supply bespoke sizes to suit your project as well as the weight of these roof lanterns so you can plan ahead if you need to. If you would like to know more about the Korniche roof lanterns, please fill out our contact form or call our sales office at 0114 2454 540.

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