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Blackout Blind

7 sizes available in white, blue or beige

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White Blackout Blind
Blackout Blind


High quality blackout blind for nearly 100% blackout effect allows you to have complete control of the amount of daylight to enter your home.

Not only will you have control of natural daylight, but the blackout blinds offer privacy, unmatched by most other blinds available.

You will also benefit from improving the overall u-value of your roof window as it can contribute in keeping the cold or heat out during winter and summer respectively

The design of these blinds are truly exceptional and offers high quality in terms of materials and operation.

They are manufactured from a hard-wearing, dirt-resistant combination of polyester and light-proof rubber fabric and are available in blue, white and beige

Due to the material, the blind is exceptionally easy to clean. Simply wipe with a damp cloth.

On each side of the blind are the aluminium guides, which not only contribute to easy and precise positioning as it can stop in various positions, but they also look good.

Using one of these blinds will also darken a room, which can aid in ensuring a better nights sleep.

These blinds are compatible with Rooflite+, RoofLITE, Velux (also the New Generation), Fakro, Optillight, Keylite, Starlite and Dakstra roof windows.

When purchasing the blinds, you need to ensure that the size matches the roof window.

For example, if you purchase or have a 550 x 780 mm roof window, you will need to purchase the 550 x 780 mm blackout blinds.

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Available in:

  • 4208 – White
  • 4212 – Blue
  • 4219 – Beige.

White, Blue, Beige


550mm x 780mm, 550mm x 980mm, 780mm x 980mm, 660mm x 1180mm, 780mm x 1180mm, 1140mm x 1180mm, 780mm x 1400mm


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