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Awning Blind (External)

Available in 7 sizes

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Awning Blind - 550mm x 780mm
Awning Blind (External)

Awning Blind (External)

Awning Blinds prevent solar heat gain which is an increase in temperature within a building as a result of solar radiation.

As the sunlight intensity increases so does the solar heat gain within the building.

Whilst this can be a benefit in the winter, providing free heat, it can lead to overheating in the summer.

Increasing summer temperatures and the desire for modern light buildings has led to the need for passive heat control.

External solar shading is the most effective method of achieving this and reducing solar heat gain.

These blinds are extremely effective at preventing an overwhelming amount of heat entering the room.

They are also stylish and ensures that you are not compromising aesthetically.

SolidScreens compact construction makes it suitable for use on windows in both residential and commercial buildings.

These blinds are supplied in black and are suitable for RoofLITE+ roof windows.


780mm x 980mm, 780mm x 1400mm, 780mm x 1180mm, 660mm x 1180mm, 550mm x 980mm, 1140mm x 1180mm, 550mm x 780mm


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