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VELUX ACTIVE Departure Switch

Used with VELUX ACTIVE Home Kit.

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£28.30 Exc. VAT

Velux Active Departure Switch
VELUX ACTIVE Departure Switch

£28.30 Exc. VAT

VELUX ACTIVE Departure Switch

The VELUX ACTIVE Departure Switch is a component from the VELUX ACTIVE Home Kit, which has been considered one of the most innovative products in the roof window market.

They can be placed anywhere in your home, but it is recommended that you install one switch at each exiting door of your property.

Additional switches can be purchased separately should you require them.

All you need to do is tap the departure switch when you leave your home and this will close all of your INTEGRA products.

This also offers fresh air through the ventilation flap located near the control bar, so your home will remain secure and ventilated.

This particular product is a separate component from the ACTIVE Home Kit.

You will receive one of these switches in each kit purchased, so you only need to purchase this product if you require multiple sensors throughout your home.

In order to activate your whole system via your smartphone, you need to download the VELUX ACTIVE app via Google Play or the Apple Store.

Whilst most INTEGRA products are compatible with the ACTIVE Home Kit, there are a select few that may not work.

One of the most exciting features is being able to control your INTEGRA products with just your voice alone.

When used with Apple HomeKit technology, all you have to say is ‘Hey Siri, open my roof window’ and your roof window will open for you.

Whether you use this every day or as a little gimmick to show off to your friends and family, there is a real benefit for you.

We would advise checking the compatibility guide to ensure your products are suitable, along with installation instructions.

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