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VELUX Manual Anti-Heat Blinds

10 sizes available

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Velux Manual Anti-Heat Blind
VELUX Manual Anti-Heat Blinds

VELUX Manual Anti-Heat Blinds

The VELUX Anti-Heat Blinds offer all the benefits of its blackout counterparts, but is made out of a transparent fabric that offers 14% transparency.

It also reduces heat by up to 73%, which helps to keep your home cool in the warmer months, as well as retaining a view to the outside.

This is achieved as the sunlight and heat will hit your blind before it hits your roof window.

Available in dark grey as standard and available with manual operation, but we can also supply electric and solar operation.

Each of these blinds are easy to install from the inside and can be up and running in minutes.

All sizes listed match with the size of your roof window. For example, if you ordered a 55 x 78 cm roof window, you would need to order a 55 x 78 cm blind.

If you aren’t sure exactly which blind you need, contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

We also have extensive installation instructions which can help you with the fitting process.


550mm x 780mm (CK02), 550mm x 980mm (CK04), 550mm x 1180mm (CK06), 660mm x 1180mm (FK06), 780mm x 980mm (MK04), 780mm x 1180mm (MK06), 780mm x 1400mm (MK08), 940mm x 1400mm (PK08), 1140mm x 1180mm (SK06), 1340mm x 980mm (UK04)


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