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VELUX Solar Powered Anti-Heat Blackout Shutter

10 sizes available

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Velux Electric Anti-Heat Shutter
VELUX Solar Powered Anti-Heat Blackout Shutter

VELUX Solar Powered Anti-Heat Blackout Shutter

The VELUX Anti-Heat Blackout Shutter is the perfect combination of complete blackout, energy saving, noise reduction and enhanced privacy.

Located on the external face of the window, the shutter is solar powered and allows to completely blackout the room, even on the brightest days.

Available in dark grey as standard and available with solar powered operation.

All sizes listed match with the size of your roof window. For example, if you ordered a 55 x 78 cm roof window, you would need to order a 55 x 78 cm blind.

Blinds are just as stylish as they are functional. You can view our extensive range of blinds right here.

If you aren’t sure exactly which blind you need, contact us and we will be more than happy to help.

We also have extensive installation instructions which can help you with the fitting process.


550mm x 780mm (CK02), 550mm x 980mm (CK04), 550mm x 1180mm (CK06), 660mm x 1180mm (FK06), 780mm x 980mm (MK04), 780mm x 1180mm (MK06), 780mm x 1400mm (MK08), 940mm x 1400mm (PK08), 1140mm x 1180mm (SK06), 1340mm x 980mm (UK04)


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