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VELUX INTEGRA GGL 207030 White Painted Centre Pivot Roof Window – Solar Powered

10 sizes available

£553.50£721.10 Exc. VAT

Velux Polyurethane Centre Pivot INTEGRA Electric Roof Window
VELUX INTEGRA GGL 207030 White Painted Centre Pivot Roof Window – Solar Powered

VELUX INTEGRA GGL 207030 White Painted Centre Pivot Roof Window – Solar Powered

Please Note: Due to the extended lead times currently in place for VELUX products, we advise taking a look at our alternative RoofLITE+ roof windows.

Opened or closed at the press of a button, VELUX INTEGRA solar roof windows represent one the most comfortable and convenient ways of ventilating your living space.

VELUX solar windows, blinds and shutters can be controlled individually or simultaneously via the wall switch, which comes as standard with each INTEGRA unit.

Running on solar power generated by an integrated cell that is hidden within the window’s frame and charged when exposed to sunlight.

Solar powered roof windows are more energy efficient than electric windows and are quicker to install with no wiring necessary.

Every window comes with a discreetly built-in rain sensor that automatically closes the window at the first drop of rain.

This sensor can be overridden if necessary and windows can still be opened and closed manually when preferable.

For even greater convenience, INTEGRA products can now be leisurely opened and closed with your mobile phone as part of the VELUX ACTIVE package.

VELUX INTEGRA solar lamintated windows use –70 glazing, which offers a laminated inner pane for safety that is ideal for up-high installations.

If something was to hit your glazing pane with force it would hold in place, much like a car windscreen, and not shatter.

All GGL white paint windows are made with high-quality pine wood coated in a water-based, long lasting white paint that leaves a discrete wood grain finish.

You can view our extensive range of VELUX flashings by clicking here.

Features & Benefits

  • Discreet integrated solar cell
  • No wiring required on window
  • Wall switch operation
  • Open and close all windows in seconds
  • Built-in rain sensor
  • Laminated inner safety pane and toughened outer pane
  • Low 1.3 W/m2 K U-value
  • 10-year guarantee
  • Double glazed

We also have extensive technical data sheetsinstallation instructions which can help you with the fitting process.

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550mm x 780mm (CK02), 550mm x 980mm (CK04), 550mm x 1180mm (CK06), 660mm x 1180mm (FK06), 780mm x 980mm (MK04), 780mm x 1180mm (MK06), 780mm x 1400mm (MK08), 940mm x 1400mm (PK08), 940mm x 1600mm (PK10), 1140mm x 1180mm (SK06), 1340mm x 980mm (UK04), 1340mm x 1400mm (UK08)


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