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5 Underrated Roof Window Accessories

roof window accessories

5 Underrated Roof Window Accessories

When installed, roof windows can be an integral section of your roof. After all, what was tile or slate has now been replaced with a stunning product that can ventilate your room, let in natural daylight and offer pleasant views.

So before you install your window, it is worth checking out our extensive range of accessories and here are the 5 most underrated products that can benefit you.


  1. Insulation Collars

It is perfectly fine to install a roof window with just a flashing kit and doing so will provide a watertight seal around your window, ensuring you do not end up with any leaks.

However, using an insulation collar is perfect for reducing heat loss, due to the elimination of thermal bridges between your roof window and roof structure as well as offering a quicker installation as it goes around your roof window edge.

Velux Insulation Collar

Manufactured from diffusion open material, it also minimises the risk of condensation on your glass. Priced from £29.60, you receive a whole bunch of benefits for just a small outlay.


  1. Underfelt Collars

Most of the time, you receive an underfelt collar with your insulation collar but it is available as a separate product also.

The underfelt collar is a pleated material and allows a fast connection between the roof window and roofing felt or breather membrane. In essence, this also contributes to a quicker installation, whilst offering protection against drafts and wind driven snow or rain around the installation.


Like the insulation collar, it also minimises the risk of condensation on the glass, thanks to its breathable material and with prices from £20.80 per unit, it is worth it.


  1. Pole Adaptor

Such a small piece of plastic, yet such a useful product. The VELUX Pole Adaptor is a small product that weighs very little and has a very basic design.

However, fit this onto a VELUX blind installed out-of-reach, and you can use your roof window pole to latch on to this product and open and close your blinds.


£4.80 is a very small price to pay if you want to open and close your out-of-reach VELUX blinds.


  1. Pole

Number 2 is a relatively straight-forward product but is probably one of the most useful accessories you can get for your roof window.

Roof window poles have been designed to operate roof windows and blinds (when paired with an adaptor) that are installed out-of-reach. They have been manufactured with solid materials to ensure that you can repetitively use them and not have to worry about them.


Available for RoofLITE+ & VELUX and with prices as low as £16, if you have a roof window installed high up, it is not so much of a question of ‘should I get one?’, it is more a question of ‘which one do I get?’.


  1. Blinds

Arguably one of the most underrated accessories available for a roof window, blinds are nigh on imperative for any roof window. 

Whether you need privacy, full blackout, diffused light, heat reduction, noise reduction, electrically operated, solar powered, voice activated, you can find a blind that best suits what you need.


Prices start from £43 and can go into the hundreds, depending on how sophisticated your blind is, but no matter which blind you go for, it will benefit you one way or another.

AC Supplies have an extensive range of roof window accessories that are suitable for various windows. If you would like to know more about our accessories, call our sales office for further assistance.

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