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The 3 Segments of VELUX Codes Explained

Velux Codes Explained

The 3 Segments of VELUX Codes Explained

Over the years, VELUX have changed their codes whilst maintaining market leading quality. You may even ask yourself, what do these codes mean.

Luckily for you, we have prepared a short guide to explain what each segment of these codes actually stand for, allowing you to choose your next VELUX roof window with more confidence.

All codes from VELUX pitched roof windows are broken down into 3 different elements e.g. GGL CK02 2070 and once you understand what each segment means, it is easy to interpret the roof window that it actually is.

Here is a full and detailed breakdown of what each section means.

First Element

All pitched roof windows will have a code on them and the first element will have three letters:

  • G – Every VELUX pitched roof window will have G as the first letter, as this indicates that said product is a roof window.
  • G or P – The second letter refers to the function of the roof window. If the second letter is G, it is a centre-pivot roof window. If it is a P, it is a top hung roof window.
  • L or U – The third letter refers to the material used for construction. If the third letter is L, the window has a pine construction. If it is a U, it consists of a polyurethane construction.

Second Element

Moving on to the second element, this refers to the external frame size of the roof window and consists of 4 characters (2 letters and 2 numbers). The letters are always before the numbers and refer to the roof windows external frame width.

  • BK – 472mm
  • CK – 550mm
  • FK – 660mm
  • MK – 780mm
  • PK – 942mm
  • SK – 1140mm
  • UK – 1340mm

The second section of the second element is 2 numbers and this refers to the external frame height of the roof window.

  • 01 – 698mm
  • 02 – 778mm
  • 04 – 978mm
  • 06 – 1178mm
  • 08 – 1398mm
  • 10 – 1600mm
  • 12 – 1800mm

Third Element

The final element of VELUX roof window codes contain various segments of information that relate to the roof window itself and consist of 4 numbers to display that information.

  • The First Number (Internal Finish) – If it is a 0, then it would be white polyurethane. A 2 would mean a white painted finish and a 3 equals a pine finish.
  • The Second Number (External Finish) – Most roof windows will have 0 as the second number as this means a grey external finish. 5 means a black finish (normally found on conservation roof windows and 8 refers to a special colour.
  • The Third Number (The Glazing Finish) – 70 pane is the standard double glazing, 66, 67, 68 and 69 panes are all triple glazed, whilst the 62 pane is triple glazed with extra noise reduction.

Add Ons

Sometimes, some roof windows have little add-ons at the end of the third element, which also offer significance when identifying roof windows.

  • 21U – Electric Operated
  • 30R – Solar Powered
  • 40 – Smoke Vent
  • H – Glazing Bar
  • Q – Enhanced Security
  • R – Rain Noise Reduction

Knowing what these codes mean can be helpful in identifying which accessories, blinds or glazing panes are compatible with your roof window. Such information can also help when it comes to replacing the full roof window itself, should you ever need to.

If your VELUX roof window has a code that you aren’t familiar with, please contact our friendly sales team, who would be more than happy to assist you.

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