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RoofLITE+ High Pivot Roof Window White Painted Finish – SOLID VISION Collection – 78 x 140 cm

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£392.50 Exc. VAT

Roof window RoofLITE+ SOLID VISION WHITE_78x140
RoofLITE+ High Pivot Roof Window White Painted Finish – SOLID VISION Collection – 78 x 140 cm

£392.50 Exc. VAT

RoofLITE+ High Pivot Roof Window White Painted Finish – SOLID VISION Collection

RoofLITE+ SOLID VISION windows are the perfect solution if you value a white painted finish for a modern design and stunning views from within your home.

The high pivot mechanism also allows for an easy escape in the event of an emergency.

The SOLID VISION is a double glazed window with a low-emission coating that prevents heat loss in the winter.

Its toughened external pane ensures that this window is ready to face any conditions along with a laminated inner pane.

Boasting an overall u-value of 1.3 W/m2K, the SOLID VISION is one of the the most thermally efficient, double glazed roof windows on the market.

You will find a handle located at the base of the sash, which allows for convenient operation at any installation height.

On the frame is a striking plate, which has two ventilation positions that the handle can slot into.

This allows for ventilation without having to fully open your high pivot window. When fully opening your window, the sash is kept open by two gas springs.

Often and incorrectly referred to as a skylight, a roof window has been primarily designed to suit habitable rooms such as bedrooms, kitchens and offices.

A pitched roof skylight is most suitable to uninhabited areas such as unconverted lofts and garages.

If you require one of these, we would recommend the FENSTRO Skylight.

When installed with a genuine RoofLITE+ flashing, the SOLID VISION is covered by a 10 year guarantee.

Benefits & Features:

  • Glazing Construction – 33.2-14-4H
  • 24mm Glazing Thickness
  • Low E Coating
  • Argon Gas Cavities
  • Toughened External Pane
  • Glass U-Value of 1.0 W/m2K
  • Overall U-Value of 1.3 W/m2K
  • Total Solar Energy Transmittance of 0.52
  • E1500 Water Tightness
  • Class 4 Air Permeability
  • Class C4 Resistance to Wind Load
  • Sound Reduction of 34 (-1;-4) dB
  • Modern White Painted Finish

When purchasing one of these windows, we always advise using one of our Compatible Flashing Kits as these are required to weatherproof your installation.

On those bright and sunny days, we also recommend one of our Compatible Blinds, which can aid in improving thermal efficiency and offering a stylish finish to your roof window.

If you find that your window is installed out-of-reach, it is worth taking a look at our Compatible Accessories where you can find a pole that offers manual operation.

If you think that a pine high pivot window isn’t best suited for your home and you want a product that offers a more traditional finish, then take a look at our SLIM VENT.

If you would like a centre pivot roof window with a modern design, then the SOLID WHITE is perfect.

We also supply a window that requires less maintenance, which is the SOLID PVC.

Alternatively, if you require a high pivot roof window with a modern finish, then the most ideal solution would be the SOLID VISION Pine.

Here you will find technical information regarding the SOLID VISION and if you require installation instructions, you will find them here.


780mm x 980mm, 780mm x 1400mm


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