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FENSTRO Skylight

Available in 4 sizes

£90.00£119.00 Exc. VAT

Fenstro Skylight
FENSTRO Skylight

FENSTRO Skylight

The FENSTRO skylight has been designed to increase light transmission and ventilation levels in any uninhabited or unheated room at an attractive price!

Not to be confused with a roof window, this product is best suited for areas such as uninhabited lofts and garages, due to the 14mm double glazing and float glass.

All sizes come top hung as standard, but can be installed as side hung with an opening restrictor.

The only exceptions are the 85 x 85cm (side hung only) and 90 x 48cm (top hung only).

You will also find an integrated flashing, meaning there is no need to buy it as a separate installation product.

The chrome steel handle allows you to effortlessly open the skylight, while two ventilation positions are provided to let in fresh air.

The flashing fits perfectly to any roofing material with a maximum profile height of 90 mm. This means it fits plain tiles, slates and some ‘wavy’ tiles.

Unlike roof windows for habited areas, this product is suitable for roof pitches between 15-60 degrees.

This product is extremely straightforward to install and most good roofers will be familiar with the installation method.

Supplied with a step-by-step installation manual to make fitting easy for DIYers too.

Features & benefits:

  • Provides light and air in non-heated rooms
  • Excellent value for money
  • Integrated flashing with apron
  • Suitable for all common types of roofing material (up to 90 mm profile height)
  • 14mm double glazing with float glass
  • Trimmable/completely removable foam gasket to ensure a perfect seal with the roofing material
  • Easy to install
  • Suitable for installation in roofs with a pitch of between 15 and 60 degrees
  • Chrome steel handle with two ventilation positions
  • 2-year guarantee

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450mm x 550mm, 450mm x 730mm, 480mm x 900mm, 900mm x 480mm


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