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RoofLITE+ Opening Pole – 80cm

Available in 80cm length.

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£30.00 Exc. VAT

RoofLITE+ Opening Pole
RoofLITE+ Opening Pole – 80cm

£30.00 Exc. VAT

RoofLITE+ Opening Pole

This RoofLITE+ Pole is fixed with a rubber ‘easy grip’ handle that allows operation of various roof windows when installed out of reach.

With an ‘L shaped’ design, this pole allows for simple operation by latching the end hoop on to the roof window handle, turning 90 degrees and pushing outwards.

When you want to close the roof window, simply latch back on to the handle, pull the roof window closed and turn the handle back.

As most roof windows have a striking plate located at the bottom of the frame, this allows you to lock your roof window in a ventilation position.

This allows to provide fresh air into your home, whilst avoiding the possibility of having rain enter into your home.

It offers a huge benefit of ensuring that users don’t have to stand on chairs or worktops and risk injuring themselves in the process.

With a length of 80 cm, this pole can operate RoofLITE, RoofLITE+ and Dakea roof windows.

Not only is it functional with various roof windows, it is also the right size for simple and easy storage.

If you would like to operate your roof windows electrically, take a look at our AMC100 Electric Roof Window Opener.

Dimensions 2180 cm


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