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RoofLITE+ UFX Universal Flashing

Available in 7 sizes

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RoofLITE+ Universal Large Tile Flashing
RoofLITE+ UFX Universal Flashing

RoofLITE+ UFX Universal Flashing

The RoofLITE+ UFX universal flashing is designed for the installation of a roof window in all common roofing materials, with a tile profile height of between 16-120 mm.

The extended, pleated aluminium apron ensures that the installation is safe, simple and watertight in flat slates, tiles or even in a straw roof.

The main parts are the upper, lower and two side elements. The elongated aluminium apron provides excellent water tightness with high-profile roofing materials.

The foam gasket also ensures protection against damage to the side connections in the event of rain or snow.

Together, this makes the UFX resistant to all weather conditions and UV radiation.

The colour matches the cladding of the RoofLITE+ roof windows allowing for sleek and seamless finish to your roof.

The UFX comes with a 10-year manufacturers guarantee as standard when used in genuine installation of a RoofLITE+ roof window.

Using a UFX allows for installation of your window into roofs with a slope of between 15 to 90 degrees.

The UFX  is only compatible with RoofLITE+ roof windows.

The easy-to-follow installation guide can be found with the installation instructions for the roof window.

Features & benefits:

  • Suitable for high profile roofing materials of between 16 to 120mm total profile height
  • Suitable for flat tiles, interlocking tiles, concrete tiles, profiled ceramic tiles or even corrugated metal roofing
  • All weather and UV ray resistant
  • Ensures a water tight connection between the roof and roof window
  • Lead free
  • Easy to install
  • For Installation into roofs with a slope of between 15 to 90 degrees
  • 10-year guarantee when used in genuine installation
  • The flashing box contains all relevant elements and the cladding parts of the roof window

550mm x 780mm, 550mm x 980mm, 780mm x 980mm, 660mm x 1180mm, 780mm x 1180mm, 1140mm x 1180mm, 780mm x 1400mm


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