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5 VELUX Blinds Best Suited To Tackle the Heat

Velux Electric Anti-Heat Shutter Blinds

5 VELUX Blinds Best Suited To Tackle the Heat

In a summer where temperature records have been broken across Europe including the U.K, many of us have struggled to cope with the hot weather and the difficulties that it can bring. However, we often overlook the simple fact that closing the a blind or curtain can help lower the temperature in our own homes.

So here are 5 blinds for your VELUX roof windows that can help you tackle the temperature.

Blackout Roller Blind

One of the most purchased blinds for all brands of roof windows is the Blackout Roller Blind and whilst it is relatively effective in keeping your home a little cooler, it does offer additional benefits. The fabric offers complete blackout, meaning you can keep out as much light as you want to, day or night. Despite its blackout effect, they are available in various colours to suit any room in your home as well as a range called the Children’s Collection, meaning you can find the perfect blind for your little one.

Velux Blackout Blind

Every blackout blind excluding the Children’s Collection are available as electric powered or solar powered, offering optimal control and convenience. They are also designed to rest on the internal pane of your roof window, leaving space for an additional blind on the outside should you require one.

Translucent Roller Blind

Another commonly purchased product is the Translucent Roller Blind as they offer various elements of familiarity to a standard window blind. Like the blackout variant, they are also effective in helping to keep your room cool, especially when combined with an external blind.

Velux Transulcent Roller Blind

They are offered in various sizes and colours to suit your roof window and room respectively and are available in either manual, electric or solar powered to ensure that you find the perfect light dimming solution for you.

Blackout Energy Pleated Blind

The Blackout Energy Pleated Blind is different from the above as it doesn’t rest in a roller when not in use. Manufactured with dual control bars, you can operate this blind to slide up and down the roof window with great ease, allowing as little or as much light in the room as possible, with the option to allow light to come through in 2 different areas if so required.

Velux Blackout Energy Pleated Blind

Like the blackout and translucent roller blind, this product is available with various colour options and sizes as well the option for manual, electric or solar powered operation. They are one of the most suitable options for helping to keep your room cool.

Anti-Heat Blinds

Also known as an Awning Blind, this blind is one of the most suitable options available to keep your home cool during the hotter days. They are made from a transparent fabric that offers 14% transparency, but can reduce up to 73% of heat, meaning you can remain cool and still have a fantastic view from your roof window.

Velux Manual Anti-Heat Blind

As it is an external blind, it will absorb the heat before it hits your window, and you can still opt for any of the 3 products listed above as they are internal. The Anti-Heat Blind is available to suit various sizes of roof windows and you have the choice to operate them manually, electrically or via solar power.

Anti-Heat Blackout Shutter

Regarded as the crème de la crème of the VELUX range, the Anti-Heat Blackout Shutter is an external solution that truly has it all when it comes to blinds. It offers the best protection against high temperatures of the entire range as well as complete blackout whenever you need it, effective winter insulation so you can keep out the cold during the winter months and has effective noise reduction.

Velux Electric Anti-Heat Shutter Blinds

It also offers protection of the roof window it is installed in and increases security with regards to break-ins. Available in various roof window sizes and can be operated manually or via solar power for maximum control and comfort.

All VELUX electric and solar powered blinds can be operated via the VELUX ACTIVE Home Kit, which enables you to schedule when they open and close, especially useful if you wish to keep your home cool during the day whilst you’re out as well as the ability to operate them via your smartphone, so if the weather catches you off guard, you can act. You can download the VELUX ACTIVE app via Google Play Store and Apple Store.

At AC Supplies, we believe that a blind can be functional as well as stylish and it is no different with these 5 fantastic products. If you would like to learn more about our extensive product range, please get in touch with our helpful and knowledgeable sales team, who are more than happy to help.

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