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Which 5 Products Add The Wow Factor To Your Home?

Evolution Canopy System

Which 5 Products Add The Wow Factor To Your Home?

It is nothing new that humans just want to be blown away by something, no matter what it is and we often take real pride when the wow factor can be introduced to a section of our home.

Here are 5 products that are more than capable of being excellent centrepieces or focal points in your home.


Evolution Canopy System

Whilst canopies and carports have been around for a while now, they can still pack a punch when it comes to aesthetics. There is a reason why so many properties have these and why people still continue to add them to their property.

The Evolution Canopy System is a modern and sleek canopy thanks to the maintenance free white aluminium framework supplied as standard and 16mm UV stabilised multi-wall polycarbonate glazing, which also offers enhanced flexibility and strength over glass.

Evolution Canopy/Carport

Available in various standard and bespoke sizes, this canopy system suits pretty much all types of homes regardless of their style and installation is achieved relatively easy, due to the fixings and an in depth installation guide supplied.

Not only do you benefit from external shelter, whether it be for cars, caravans or even for you and your friends, the Evolution Canopy System doubles up as a revolutionary drainage system. The posts are used as downpipes, which allows rainwater to go down them and exit through the post feet.



The product itself is relatively sleek looking. In the box, you receive a gateway, a departure switch and an indoor climate sensor. The white finish perfectly compliments modern interiors, however, the product itself is not the centrepiece. It is what you can achieve with this product that makes it special.

The VELUX ACTIVE Home Kit effectively turns your INTEGRA roof windows and electric and solar powered blinds into ‘smart’ roof windows and blinds, which is enough to wow anyone.

VELUX ACTIVE Home Kit - Innovation At Its Finest

Your roof windows will open if it exceeds a certain temperature, humidity or CO2 level, thanks to the indoor climate sensor, which also allows for manual operation. It is recommended that one of these sensors is installed in every room with an INTEGRA product.

The departure switch allows you to close all of your roof windows when you leave the property, but opens up your ventilation bar so you can continue to ventilate your home. It is recommended that one of these switches is installed at every exit of the property.

As the gateway is linked up to your home’s wi-fi, it will have access to local weather information and will act accordingly. For example, if it is forecasted to be a hot day, the gateway will close your blinds and/or shutters to prevent the room from getting too warm.

But the most amazing feature is that when combined with Apple HomeKit technology, you can opt to have voice controlled roof windows. Simply say ‘Hey Siri, open my roof window’ and your roof window will open for you. The future is now.


Visofold 1000 Bi-Folding Doors

To put it simply, bi-folding doors are a thing of beauty. Some time ago, they were often used in high-end properties as an entrance to the property or garden, but presently, these products have gradually become more widely available and most importantly, more affordable for your home and this particular range is no different.

Made out of durable aluminium with stainless steel rollers, the Visofold 1000 Bi-Folding Doors will remain in tip-top condition for years as they will not rust. Various colours and configurations are available for these products, allowing you to perfectly select the best style and aesthetics to suit your home.

Visofold 1000 Bi-Folding Doors 2

These bi-folding doors are the perfect product for everyone to admire and silently envy. Their smooth operation and clean and sleek design makes for one of the most beautiful products available for your property, whilst providing an amazing amount of fresh air and daylight, as well as unmatched views whenever you like.


VELUX Cabrio Balcony System

When it comes to innovation in the roof window market, it is difficult to top the VELUX Cabrio Balcony System. Ask any number of people to describe their dream home and many would include a balcony. The views and benefits from a balcony are unparalleled and easily make for a show-stopping, grand design-esque product.

Whilst the Cabrio doesn’t quite give you the external space required to be a balcony, it can offer most of the benefits that come with one. When closed, the Cabrio looks very similar to Sloping & Fixed combination roof windows, which in and of itself, is impressive already.

The top roof window is much like the standard top hung roof windows you come to expect. The bottom window is a bottom hung roof window, where you push from the top to reveal balcony-like railings on both sides. What was a roof window is now a balcony system.

Velux Cabrio Balcony External

Not only is the Cabrio a product of innovation, but regardless of whether its closed, fully open or just the roof window is open, it looks stunning and such creativity is bound to turn a few heads.


Korniche Aluminium Roof Lantern

Korniche roof lanterns comprise of 4 S’s; sleek, stunning, simple installation and surprisingly affordable, all of which contribute to making them one of the finest centre-pieces for any property with a flat roof. 

The slim profiles and various colour configurations ensure that you will find the option you want for your property and ensure that it will look fantastic when installed. Speaking of installation, there have been many cases where installers have managed to successfully construct one of these roof lanterns in just 30 minutes.

Korniche Roof Lantern 900mm x 1200mm

One of the greatest features of these roof lanterns is that they look amazing from inside and outside when installed and acts as a fantastic source of daylight inside your home, whilst displaying a structural masterpiece when viewed from the outside. It truly is a win-win.

All 5 of these head turning, attention stealing products are available to purchase from AC Supplies and are available with great lead times and amazing prices. If you would like to know more, please contact us via e-mail, live chat or telephone for more information.

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