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6 Reasons We Need Natural Daylight In Our Homes?

why do we need natural daylight in our home?

6 Reasons We Need Natural Daylight In Our Homes?

When we have access to electricity at the flick of a switch, it can be easy to ignore the need for natural daylight. Natural daylight is hugely important to our way of life and most of the time, we don’t give it a second thought.

It is easy to look at your home and feel like you don’t have many options when allowing natural daylight in, but products like roof windows, roof lanterns and even bi-folding doors are designed to do just that.

Here we are going to take a look at why natural daylight can benefit you as a person.

Improves Mood

One of the more important reasons for adding more natural daylight to your home is to increase your overall mood. Sunny days are often linked to happiness, whilst gloomy days are often linked to dull and dreary moods and there is a scientific reason behind it.

When exposed to natural sunlight, the brain releases a chemical called serotonin, also known as the happy hormone. Serotonin contributes to a much better mood as well as feeling focused and calm. Lack of sunlight (experienced at night time) triggers the brain to release melatonin, which makes you feel dreary and lethargic.

Thumbs up

Without natural daylight, our serotonin levels drop much like they do in the evening, prompting that lethargic and dreary feeling to last all day and is why it is associated with seasonal affective disorder, which is the dull feeling we get during the darker months of the year.

Productivity Boost

With working from home becoming a more normal thing over the past year, given the circumstances the whole world has found itself in, natural daylight does have an effect on productivity in a positive way.

Improves Motivation

In a survey completed by Future Workplace, they asked 1614 North American employees what they would like to see improved in their own workplace, with a staggering amount opting for increased natural daylight over options such as onsite cafeterias and even premium perks including onsite childcare.

As stated previously, natural daylight improves your mood due to serotonin levels, which in turn leads to better motivation to complete your tasks. This has been proven via many studies that found that people do generally perform better in areas that are well lit by natural daylight as opposed to areas that are either darker or lit by artificial lighting.

Save Pennies On Bills

We all like to save a bit of money in any way that we can and daylight can do just that. Using electricity and gas to light and heat up your home can become expensive, but with the use of natural daylight, not only will you benefit from reducing your electricity usage, you will also benefit from reducing gas usage, as windows will aid in keeping a consistent temperature within the room.


Reduces Strain On Your Eyes

Artificial lighting, whilst beneficial when needed, does also have its downfalls. One of them is that they can have an effect on your eyesight. Of course, we are aware of this more so with electronic devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones and so on, but we very rarely consider how lighting from ceiling lights and lamps can have such a negative affect on our eyesight. 


Artificial daylight can cause our eyes to strain, whilst natural daylight allows your eyes to focus more naturally. This is why we find it much easier to wake up to natural daylight rather than someone switching a light on.

Make Your Rooms Larger

Daylight doesn’t literally alter the size of your rooms, however, it can make your room feel larger than what it actually is. Brighter colours like magnolia and white are colours that are hugely popular due to how clean they look, but you may notice that new homes, whether rented or bought, are often coated with these colours.

White Room

Why? This is because the use of natural daylight along with bright colours such as white and magnolia will often make the room feel like it is larger than what it is and of course, every resident likes more space.

A Positive For The Environment

Regardless of whether you use electricity or gas, more often than not, they contribute to a negative impact on the environment. The use of fossil fuels has long been an issue that people have looked to combat for many years, especially more recently as we begin to see the effects of climate change.


The use of natural daylight lowers our electricity and gas consumption, which decreases our reliance on fossil fuels. This then lowers the negative impact we make on our environment and contributes to a much more positive climate.

At AC Supplies, we provide various products that can allow natural daylight to enter your home and there are many reasons why we should all consider this when we plan our next conversion project. We have an extensive range of RoofLITE+ and VELUX windows, along with stunning Korniche roof lanterns and Visofold 1000 bi-folding doors.

If you would like to know more about the options you have, where you can increase the natural daylight in your home, please contact our sales office for more information.

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