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10 Simple Steps To Clean Your VELUX Top Hung Roof Window

how to clean your velux top hung roof window 2

10 Simple Steps To Clean Your VELUX Top Hung Roof Window

A common question regarding the VELUX roof windows is how to clean the top hung windows. Cleaning a centre-pivot roof window is simple, but many would suspect that as you cannot normally access the external pane of the top hung roof window from inside your home, you would have to climb on to your roof.

These many people would be incorrect. What most people don’t realise is that VELUX top hung roof windows can be converted into a centre-pivot roof window for cleaning. 

Don’t believe us? You can follow these instructions to find out how.

  1. You need to ensure that your roof window is fully closed before proceeding.
  2. Open your handle as if you were going to open the window, but don’t actually push the bottom of the sash outwards.
  3. Located at the top of the sash is a vent bar, which you need to pull down. You will notice that your roof window’s operating mechanism is now in the centre.
  4. Rotate the sash until you have reached 180 degrees.
  5. You then need to slide the barrel bolts into the holes at the bottom of the frame. There will be one either side.
  6. Proceed to clean the external pane of your roof window.

Once you have finished cleaning your roof window, you then follow these instructions to convert it back to normal.

  1. Slide the barrel bolts back out of the holes and into their original position.
  2. Rotate the window back 180 degrees and close the window completely.
  3. Push the vent bar back up, ensuring the roof window is secured.
  4. Use the handle located on the bottom of the sash and push out as normal. Your window should now be top hung again.

We do not advise converting theses roof windows into a centre-pivot roof window for any reason other than for cleaning purposes as this could put a strain on the whole unit.

If you would like to know more about the VELUX top hung roof window or any other product for that matter, please contact us.

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