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VELUX ACTIVE Home Kit – Innovation At Its Finest

VELUX ACTIVE Home Kit - Innovation At Its Finest

VELUX ACTIVE Home Kit – Innovation At Its Finest

For many years, VELUX has been known as the market leader for roof windows and when they act, everyone follows. However, nearly 2 years ago, VELUX teamed up with smart home tech company NETATMO to bring arguably one of the most innovative products in the roof window market; the VELUX ACTIVE Home Kit.

A wise man once said that technology that is seamless is technology that is here to stay and it remains no different when we talk about the VELUX ACTIVE Home Kit. Having been part of the VELUX range for a short while now, customers have had the chance to get to grips with this innovative product and it is fair to say that it has been well received.

When you delve into the capabilities of this product, it is easy to see why it is a product that will be around for some time. Within the package, you receive the VELUX ACTIVE Gateway, a departure switch and an indoor climate sensor, with the switch and sensor also available separately for multiple rooms and exits. 

The VELUX ACTIVE Gateway links up to your INTEGRA products such as your electric or solar powered roof windows, blinds and shutters. This product is essentially the brains behind the operation and when linked to your Wi-Fi can access local weather information. The gateway then links to your switch and sensor allowing you to achieve a whole range of capabilities that benefit you and your family.

VELUX ACTIVE Home Kit - Innovation At Its Finest

The VELUX ACTIVE Indoor Climate Sensor is recommended for installation into each room that has an INTEGRA product to achieve maximum benefit. The sensor monitors various elements within your room such as temperature, humidity and CO2 levels. When the sensor detects a large increase of any of these levels, it will act accordingly with the gateway, which then operates your VELUX INTEGRA product in the appropriate manner.

For example, if the sensor detects an increase in humidity, it will essentially inform the VELUX ACTIVE Gateway, which will then program your roof window to open to decrease this humidity level. If the sensor detects that your room is overheating, it will send a signal to your gateway to inform your external shutters or awning blinds to close to reduce the temperature. The sensor also has a switch on them, allowing you to open and close your roof windows as and when you please.

Velux Active Indoor Climate Sensor

The VELUX ACTIVE Departure Switch is the final component in the package and is a product that does what it says on the tin; when you leave your home, simply tap the switch on your way out and your VELUX roof windows will close. This will also allow for the ventilation flap to remain open, so that your room can stay ventilated whilst remaining secure.

It is recommended that one of these switches is installed near every exit of your home. This is so you can exit through any door you like and close your windows as you leave, which is much more convenient than going to one exit, tapping the switch and then leaving through another exit.

This kit allows for a variety of other features such as predefined shortcuts for opening and closing all blinds and shutters, so that you can benefit from a good night’s sleep and be woken naturally from the stream of sunlight entering your room. You can also control multiple products with just one tap, offering synchronized operation of your products.

You can download the VELUX ACTIVE application from Google Play Store or Apple Store, enabling you to control your INTEGRA products via your smartphone. This allows for complete control from wherever you are in your home, ensuring that you don’t always have to get up from your sofa to activate your roof windows and blinds via the switches.

What is probably the most impressive feature and is certainly for those who want a smart home feel is the ability to control your INTEGRA products with just your voice alone. Thanks to Apple HomeKit technology (not available at A.C. Supplies), all you have to say is ‘Hey Siri, open my roof window’ and your roof window will open for you, meaning you don’t even have to access your VELUX ACTIVE app to control your roof windows and blinds.

It goes without saying that the VELUX ACTIVE Home Kit is a seriously impressive product that is suitable for those who would like additional comfort within their homes or those who want that futuristic, technological feel whilst benefiting from the various features on offer.

The VELUX ACTIVE Home Kit is available for purchase with A.C. Supplies, which you can view by clicking here. If you would like more information regarding the VELUX ACTIVE Home Kit, please call our helpful sales office on 01142 454540.

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