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5 Reasons Why Lightweight Roof Tiles May Be Best For You

Lightweight Roof Tiles

5 Reasons Why Lightweight Roof Tiles May Be Best For You

The worst kept secret in the roofing market is that lightweight roof tiles have increasingly become popular amongst roofers and tradesmen, but to the average DIY’er, you may be asking yourself why. Here are just a few reasons why a lightweight tile roof system may be just what you need.



This will seem relatively obvious as the name suggests, but lightweight roof tiles weigh very little.

Tiles are divided into two categories; lightweight and heavyweight and to determine the two is based solely on weight per ㎡.

If a tile system exceeds 20kg per ㎡, it is considered heavyweight, but if it is below that, it would be considered lightweight.

The reason lightweight roof tiles have become increasingly popular is that they are not as difficult to move around the work site, which aids in projects being completed quicker.

Not only are they easier to move, but they are safer, ensuring less risk when moving and installing these tiles.

The light weight contributes to cheaper courier costs and lower fuel emissions in comparison to traditional heavyweight tiles.


Quicker Installation

With traditional heavyweight tiles, you would need to install one tile at a time, which can be a long and laborious task.

The lightweight roof tile system allows you to install several tiles at any one time, prompting quicker installation times.

No Compromise


Traditional tiles made out of clay for example are more likely to crack or be damaged, which would often lead to leaks.

However, lightweight roof tiles, whether they be made from metal or plastic, are less likely to be damaged from even the harshest weather conditions, ensuring fantastic weatherproofing.


No Compromise

Often with ‘almost too good to be true’ products, there are setbacks or compromises that need to be taken into consideration.

With lightweight roof tiles, you wouldn’t be compromising on quality or even aesthetics as a large portion of lightweight roof tiles have been designed with a specific heavyweight tile in mind.


Saving Money

When you take all of these benefits into consideration, they all lead back to one huge benefit, which is saving money.

Lightweight means less labour, less work required, cheaper product, less transport costs which all leads to a budget friendly project.

Save Money

Our Lightweight Roof Systems

At AC Supplies, we supply an extensive range of lightweight roof products from Metrotile and Britmet LiteSlate, which benefit from all features listed above as well as comprehensive guarantees and speedy delivery.

For a free no obligation quotation, contact our sales office via telephone on 01142454540, email at or through our live chat.

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